Course Descriptions

Your Education and Credentialing Team is diligently working to ensure that in spite of these unprecedented times, CACM’s educational offerings will not be compromised. All courses  are scheduled through September online. This will allow all members to continue their education while securing CEU credits.

Please check our website regularly for the most current information regarding course schedules. 

Initial Certification Courses

CMM101-102 The Basics of Association Management (BAM) Series
CMM121-124 California Law Series
CMM130 Foundational Ethics for Community Managers

Ethics for Recertification

LDR500 Advanced Ethics: Leadership & Decision Making
LDR550 Ethics Mastery Course


FIN200 Reserves – What, Why, How
FIN210 Assessment Collections
FIN220 Explaining Financial Statements
FIN300 Budgeting for Community Managers
FIN320 Strategic Financial Planning


INS200 Insurance Principles
INS300 Advanced Insurance Principles
INS400 Risk Management in Community Associations

Policy Governance Courses

BDA220 Effective Meetings and Election Tools
BDA300 Fundamentals of Effective Governance

Professional Behaviors in the Workplace

CMM200 Enhance Your Professional Presence
CMM220 Conflict Resolution for Community Managers


LDR400 Human Resource Management
SPC400 High Rise Community Management
SPC410 Large Scale Community Management
SPC420 Age-Restricted Active Adult Community Management
SPC430 Portfolio Management
SPC440 New Development Community Management
SPC450 Commercial & Industrial CID Management