Board of Directors


Phyllis Harkins, CAMEx, CCAM – LS
Portola Country Club HOA

Vice Chair

Kendrah Kay, CAMEx, CCAM
Powerstone Property Management, ACMB


Lori Albert, CAMEx, CCAM
Albert Management Company, LLC


Bruce Ratliff, CAMEx, CCAM-HR
Eugene Burger Management Corporation

René Decker, CAMEx, CCAM
Powerstone Property Management, ACMB
Carra Clampitt, CAMEx, CCAM-LS.AA.PM
Eugene Burger Management Corporation

Tiffany Hannah, CAMEx, CCAM – ND

The Management Trust —
Southern Cal., ACMB 

Liza DeJesus, CAMEx, CCAM-HR
Seabreeze Management Company 

Joseph Price, CAMEx, CCAM
Next Step Communities LLC

Linda Mootry, CAMEx, CCAM – ND
The Management Trust —
Central Coast Div.

Ed Szaky, CAMEx, CCAM
Matrix Association Management, ACMB

Lori Storm, CAMEx CCAM
The Management Trust –
Northern California, ACMB

Carl Weise, CAMEx, CCAM-HR
J.D. Richardson Co.

Frank Alioto III, CAMEx, CCAM
Community Management Services, Inc.

Stacy Gerowitz, CAMEx, CCAM
Century Hill Association

Call for Applications:
Join CACM’s 2020 Board of Directors

The CACM Board of Directors and Nominating Committee are pleased to announce the “Call for Applications” for the 2020 Election of Directors. CACM is looking for qualified community managers from throughout the state to consider joining the election.

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