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CACM is dedicated to upholding the industry’s highest interests in Sacramento by working to drive legislation on issues impacting California Community Managers, Management Companies and the community associations you represent. These efforts ensure that legislation affecting the day-to-day work of community managers and the industry as a whole is closely monitored and addressed in a way that reflects good legislation and public policy. CACM’s CEO, Tom Freeley, is regularly meeting with legislators and legislative staffers advocating on your behalf and testifies at Committee hearings in support or opposition of Bills as necessary.




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CACM keeps our members abreast of legislative updates through e-communications and members’ online portal.

Meet our Legislative Advocate, Jennifer Wada Principal, The W Group, LLC

Jennifer Wada is an attorney, legislative advocate, and principal of The W Group, LLC. She offers CACM a blend of strong advocacy, relationships at all levels of government, and a wealth of legislative and regulatory knowledge. Prior to forming The W Group, Jennifer served as managing partner of the Wada Williams Law Group, LLP, a law and lobbying firm in Sacramento, California. Before this endeavor, she was a senior legislative advocate at a top-ten lobbying firm. For additional information on Jennifer Wada, visit

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The CACM Board of Directors and Nominating Committee are pleased to announce the “Call for Applications” for the 2020 Election of Directors. CACM is looking for qualified community managers from throughout the state to consider joining the election.

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