Before CACM: 1984-1990

Conditions in the community association industry warranted a closer look at the practices and processes of conducting business professionally. Management company executives identified the need for a specialized, professional organization dedicated to ensuring the quality and standards of practice in the California community association industry.

An opportunity was presented to define a course of action. Ideas led to research, discussions and results. It was an era of purpose followed by action, and CACM emerged as the answer to the industrys needs.

The Formative Years: 1991-1999

CACM was founded in 1991 as a trade organization designed to better serve professionals and consumers. Over the next eight years, CACM built upon that foundation by developing courses, programs and publications to increase the education and professionalism of its members.

During these years, CACM debuted its Statewide Expo & Conference (1992); established a Professional Standards Committee to oversee the development and enforcement of the Code of Ethics (1993); held its first Law Seminar (1994); expanded its education programs to include more than 100 offerings (1997); and hosted the first CEO Business Forum (1999).

The New Millennium: 2000-2010

CACM set benchmarks in the community management industry and gained momentum over the next decade. In 2002, the Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) designation was recognized by California with the passage of AB 555. CACM introduced a new standardized management agreement in 2003 based on man-hours versus the cost per unit/flat fee or menu approach.

Over the next six years, CACM produced the first full-color issue of Vision magazine (2005); hired the Forbes Group to conduct an environmental scan to analyze the community management market in California (2008); provided feasibility plans for four value-added residential services for community management firms (2009); and debuted advanced learning opportunities for experienced managers (2010).

The Next 20 Years

In 2011, CACM celebrated 20 years of serving the California community management industry and working to elevate the success and professionalism of its members. CACM continues to stay ahead of growing legislative and management challenges to meet the professional and educational needs of the industry.

CACM expanded its educational programs to include Specialty Certificates in high rise, large scale, portfolio management and new development community management and the Master of Community Association Management (MCAM) certification for experienced community managers. In addition, the development of CACM Webinar Series and statewide educational events adds a convenient option for community managers to gain valuable industry knowledge. For management firms, the Accredited Community Management Company (ACMC) accreditation offers the chance to reach a higher standard of excellence.

2020 to Present Day

CACM continues to expand its presence throughout California, hiring staff and opening a dedicated Northern California office in Pleasanton. It also expands its education offerings, launching a professional certification for service providers.

The California Certified Industry Partner (CCIP) program was modeled after its manager certification, including coursework, testing, continuing education and ethical requirements. Recognizing a new area of community management, a new adjunct specialty certification in Lifestyle Management is offered for community managers.

To ensure members comply with a new state mandate regarding corporate requirements for a 401(k) program, CACM delivers a new CACM MEAP 401(k) program through Lincoln Financial Group. Members who opt for the CACM 401(k) benefit from reduced administrative work, access to potential pricing and service efficiencies, and relief from many fiduciary obligations.

To grow education and certification opportunities, an expanding number of local and regional events are held throughout the state to engage potentially new and existing members and provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

Nearly 3,000 members strong, CACM continues to be California’s premier resource for the enrichment of community managers and industry partners.