Competing Events Policy

CACM believes in the power of collaboration and works diligently to provide all members with exceptional opportunities to network at our events. Members who partner with CACM in sponsoring these events ensure that managers’ expectations are exceeded, while receiving the notoriety they deserve. When events, albeit from members or non-members, take place during (and in close proximity to) CACM events with the intent of driving CACM attendees to a non-CACM sponsored activity, it is seen as direct competition. No member, exhibitor, agent of exhibitors, employee, sponsor, associate, successor, heir or assign, may schedule any non-CACM sponsored activity, including but not limited to a hospitality suite, party (on or off event premises), activity, or any similar event during a scheduled CACM event. CACM reserves the right to decline participation in future events for individuals or companies in violation of this provision, at the sole discretion of CACM. It is CACM’s goal (and preference) to bring all members together.

If you have a desire to provide event attendees of any CACM event an elevated activity or experience, please reach out to us at We are happy to come alongside you in determining what will create the most value for all involved.