Master of Community Association Management (MCAM)

The ultimate achievement for community association managers.


The Master of Community Association Management (MCAM) certification is the highest professional recognition available for California community association managers.

What attracted you to earn the MCAM?

It demonstrates a high level of competence in my field.

Hamlet Vazquez, MCAM-HR

Wilshire Terrace Co-Op

In your experience, what benefits have you noticed with the MCAM compared to the CCAM designation?

The MCAM has fortified my self-confidence and my credibility with our board members. I believe it is also a source of satisfaction for our management company’s owners, who generously underwrote more than half of my investment in coursework, applications, travel to classes, etc. They believe strongly in supporting education and in professional achievement. This is embedded in our company culture.

David Scott, MCAM-LS

Albert Management

Earning the MCAM

Community managers can earn the MCAM in 4 steps:

STEP 1: Successfully complete within three years prior to submitting the MCAM Application the following courses:

STEP 2: Hold the CCAM certification in good standing for a minimum of five consecutive years at time of application.

STEP 3: Submit the MCAM Application and processing fee (coursework may be applied up to three years from completion).

STEP 4: Upon acceptance, successfully complete a three-part comprehensive assessment comprised of a 100-question multiple choice exam, written Case Study and oral presentation.

Maintaining the MCAM

Need to recertify your MCAM?

Have questions? Need assistance? CACM invests in our members’ educational goals by providing a personalized plan. Reach out to CACM’s Education and Credentialing Advisor to discover your professional pathway to success.