Professional Community Management

Professional Management

Even the most experienced HOA board can reap the benefits of expert guidance and knowledge provided by a dedicated manager who achieves certification based on California-specific law, and who adheres to a professional code of ethics and best practices for the association management industry. This trained professional works side by side with HOA board members, local public agencies and community residents to safeguard everyone’s interests. Your association performs best when active volunteer board members and a top-notch professional community manager work together to establish and maintain community standards that protect property values.

Managing any HOA community is a complex job. Community Managers—certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM)—are professionally trained to guide your HOA board through numerous legal, budgeting, contract administration, project management, program development, maintenance issues and more. They work hand in hand with volunteer board members to make the best business decisions possible for well run communities.

Your Advisor For All Things HOA*

Legislative Code: Guides the board in complying with applicable California corporations codes, civil codes, health & safety codes, vehicle codes, fair housing issues, new legislation, case law, and other statutes that impact HOAs

Financial Operations: Assists the board in understanding their financial reporting requirements and risk management procedures

Budget Analysis: Reviews and updates the HOA’s operating and reserve budgets annually with board member input

Project Manager: Acts as liaison between contractors, homeowners and board members to keep them apprised of on-going project and maintenance activities

Compliance: Assists the board and homeowners in complying with HOA governing documents and architectural standards

Collections: Leads the board through the necessary steps to collect delinquent assessments owed to the HOA

Maintenance: Provides property inspections to ensure common area amenities are maintained appropriately

Communications Hub: Organizes and coordinates conversations with multiple parties to ensure the needs of all are being identified and met

Contracts: Solicits and presents vendor proposals and bids to HOA board members and recommends qualified contractors and consultants for the board to hire

Business Manager: Assists the board in overseeing the operations of the HOA as a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation to achieve organizational performance

*These roles are advisory in nature; managers do not offer legal advice.

Credentials Offered by CACM
California Business and Professions Code Section 11500 – 11506: Certified Common Interest Development Manager
Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice
Disciplinary and Appeals Procedures (DAP)
Complaint – Form 1A