SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Shelter Creek Condominiums, one of the largest multi-family developments in San Mateo County, is leading the way as a sustainable community. The 1,296-unit development is offsetting more than 70 percent of the community’s annual electricity usage thanks to a new solar system from Centrica Business Solutions.

“Our residents are informed and knowledgeable about sustainable living, and we are excited to work with Centrica Business Solutions to lower our community’s carbon footprint. The solar installation complements our California Energy Commission-granted electric vehicle charging stations, LED lighting components in the common areas, renewable energy recycling, composting, and sustainability through the ‘no neonicotinoid pesticide’ policy for our on-site honey bee super hives,” said Ronnie Rosen, CCAM-HR.LS, general manager of Shelter Creek.

Centrica has broken ground on the 2.5 megawatt high efficiency solar project. As one of the largest solar installations at a multi-family development in the state, the project brings eight phases of construction of the rooftop solar system. Once complete, the installation is expected to generate 3,632,773 kilowatt-hours annually – equivalent to removing 545 cars from the road or recycling 896 tons of waste, instead of sending it to a landfill.