Bringing industry professionals from across California together for collaboration, education, events, and real-time, authentic connections

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (September 9, 2020) – For CACM members, the future of collaboration is here. CMworld™, CACM’s virtual world platform will bring the power of the association’s professional offerings to members through an immersive virtual technology. The virtual world simulates real-life interactions for CACM’s educational offerings and events. Additionally, CMworld™ will offer authentic opportunities for networking and socializing amongst peers.

Designed by a psychologist to ensure the highest level of “authentic human experience,” CACM members will take on the form of an avatar that can be customized to their likeness. From the comfort of their own home or office, members can log onto the world from their desktop or laptop computer, meet up with colleagues, attend a course or event, stop by the CACM office for assistance or a quick hello, walk the expo hall filled with California’s most respected industry partners, in addition to attending social mixers on the virtual beach or rooftop lounge.

CEO Tom Freeley, CAMEx, CCAM shares, “In response to the pandemic, the CACM team rose to the challenge of finding a way to keep members safe, while ensuring that they continue to further their professional pursuits.  CACM is committed to providing members with cutting-edge opportunities. We understand the importance of authentic networking and connections and we are excited to watch CMworld™ provide that to all members.  The platform meets the challenges of our ever-changing world and allows members to immerse themselves in an augmented environment full of interactive functionality. We are proud to be a pioneer for the community management industry providing creative solutions for the future.”


About CACM: With nearly 3,000 members, CACM is the only community association management organization to offer California-specific programs leading to a state-recognized designation of Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM®). The association trains community managers to understand and have a working knowledge of more than 1,200 laws and statutes regulating homeowners associations for the benefit of homeowners throughout California. For more information about CACM, our programs or services, visit or contact Emily Yost, Director of Marketing & Communications, at (949) 340-6629 or

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