LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Adrian J. Adams, Esq., of Los Angeles, California, has become a certified member of the Lawyers of Distinction, the fastest-growing community of distinguished lawyers in the U.S. Lawyers of Distinction does not offer membership to more than 10 percent of the attorneys in any given state.

Members are accepted based upon objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications, license, reputation and experience. Lawyers of Distinction selected Adams because of his accomplishments in the Common Interest Development industry. Adams is founder and managing partner of Adams|Stirling PLC, a state-wide law firm specializing in community associations with offices throughout California. He’s also on the board of the Foundation for Community Association Research, is a founding member of the Critical Issues Think Tank and serves on the national Task Force for Aging Infrastructures. Adams also is creator of the award-winning research website Davis-Stirling.com.

Adams|Stirling PLC is a CACM industry partner.