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John Kirkham Law

If your common interest community needs new governing documents, I’m here to help. My governing document update program is designed to provide your HOA with every document and service necessary to transition from initial interest to a new set of current, comprehensive, carefully-tailored governing documents for one low flat fee.

In addition to new CC&Rs, bylaws, and articles, my update program includes an educational questionnaire, a new maintenance matrix and SB 323-compliant election rules, a detailed guide to your drafts, a board Q&A, step-by-step voting instructions, a secret ballot, a persuasive member cover letter and document summaries, post-vote instructions, and more.

Governing document updates are all I do. My exclusive focus and virtual practice permit me to maintain the deep legal and practical expertise your community needs in a cost-effective manner. I represent residential, mixed-use, and commercial associations throughout California. Please visit my website to learn more about my services or contact me today to request an update proposal.

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