Compensation and Benefits Study Review: Webinar (FREE)

Just how much are community association managers making on average in California? How do wages vary by region across the state? And what types of benefits are widely offered to community management professionals? CACM recently completed its 2022 Compensation & Benefits Study. In this webinar, Kevin Whorton of Whorton Research will go over highlights from the survey, which was conducted from mid-April through early May 2022 and included responses from nearly 700 members and non-members across the state. Whorton will explain the methodology, results and variations.

When: August 9
Time: 10 AM
Where: Zoom Webinar
Cost: Free* (Open to All Members)

Zoom Webinar link will be provided to registered attendees as the event draws near.

About Our Speaker

Kevin Whorton is the president of Whorton Research. Over 17 years, Whorton Research has conducted more than 550 quantitative and qualitative research projects for 400 association and nonprofit clients, including needs assessments, membership program reviews, compensation studies, public opinion polls, industry-wide analyses, and product launch/market feasibility.