Date: Taco Tuesday! May 5, 2020
Time: 5pm (It’s a happy hour! Bring your own cerveza)
Where: Zoom Conference (link will be distributed prior to the event to registered participants) 
Cost: Nada!!! 

How to Prep For The Fiesta: 

1. Make sure your computer or mobile device’s camera and microphone are working properly.  It will be necessary to be seen (and heard) on the Zoom conference. 

2. Invite your friends! The more the merrier at our fiesta. Just be sure to have them register using the link below so they receive their bingo card(s).

3. Check your email the day of the event to ensure you receive your bingo card(s).

4. Grab a cerveza for our happy hour. We recommend a Corona. After all, it’s Cinco de Mayo AND we’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus. (wink, wink)

¿El Premio?  ¡Por Supuesto!  

A $50 Amazon Gift Card and other amazing prizes! There will be multiple opportunities to win!