Courses Come To You

CACM makes every effort to offer a variety of courses throughout the state each year, but we recognize that our schedule may not always mesh with your schedule. That’s why we offer both individual managers and management firms an alternative way to bring the courses they need to their area. 

These options are ideal for managers and management companies in more remote areas of the state, as well as for those looking to customize their education plans. Gather a group of colleagues or staff members in need of the same course, make your request, and CACM will send the course materials and our distinguished faculty to your location.

Managers: Bring a Course to Your Area
If there is a particular CACM course you would like to attend, yet there are no convenient offerings scheduled nearby, you may join a wait list to bring the course to your area. Once CACM has received the minimum number of required community managers in the same area, the course will be scheduled and you will be notified.

Make your course request here

Management Businesses: Bring a Course to Your Company
CACM helps management businesses save time and money through the Private Offering program. You supply the students and classroom facilities, and CACM will supply the course materials and instructor. In addition, these offerings yield a 15 percent registration discount for CACM manager members of CACM Business and BusinessPlus members. 

CACM offers private offerings for companies with 10 or more students. Contact for more information.