Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM)

Achieve Your CCAM


The Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) is the first stop on your professional pathway. Achieving the CCAM will ensure you are proficient in best business practices, California-specific laws and ethical guidelines to apply when managing community associations.

Community managers who have earned the CCAM certification are able to manage communities more effectively, which creates an atmosphere of mutual trust between board members, homeowners and the manager. Make an investment in your career by starting the CCAM certification program now!

Earning the CCAM

Community managers can earn the CCAM in 4 steps:

STEP 1: Become a member

STEP 2: Complete and pass the required courses of The Basics of Association Management (BAM), California Law Series and Foundational Ethics for Community Managers.

STEP 3: Email a completed CCAM Certification Application to certification@cacm.org.

STEP 4: Request each of your three references to email their recommendation form directly to certification@cacm.org.

CCAM must have 6 months experience.

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